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Marketer, entrepreneur,  and, real estate investor

Scott Johnston is my name,  I am a constant seeker of knowledge, occasional purveyor of wisdom, and always looking for new challenges that inspire new creations.

In school I was that kid that never seem to be paying attention. To be quite honest I wasn’t very good at it. When I finally left school and started my journey into the world of adulthood and a career I found myself longing for something better, something that would allow me to be better for my family, something to make my very own.

I have spent nearly 20 years of my life working  in an industry that I absolutely loved, but in the end as fate would have it, did not want me. I was let go due to company job cuts.  This was quite alarming at the time, as I like most, had the idea in my head that I was going to retire with this company one day. Losing my position really made me start to think of what other potential I had.  I could find another job, earning a wage, or I could follow my gut, take a chance to make my own way, and this began my journey.

For the last 2 years I have been searching trying to find ways to build my own business, be my own boss and to never ever rely on a paycheck from another company. Trading my time for money. Last year I began my journey with real estate investment. It has been quite the experience learning all the new things that go along with real estate. With all that said I’m still very much interested in the real estate investment side of things and as I continue to grow up that side of my business I’m also searching for other ways to create a future with a passive income. 

My newest endeavor is to learn as much as I can about network marketing and multi-level marketing and all the different nuances that come along with this industry. Along this journey I intend to document every step of the way so that I may help others find their own way.

I thank you for joining my site I look forward sharing my journey with you, give me rep

Scott Johnston